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Let Warren Zeiders serenade you with his long-live country songs at his concert this coming November, and let us bring you our concert limo service that you will not forget. If this is your first time calling for limo service, you may be unaware of car service etiquette. Here are some things to know the next time you take a limo service.

Know The Number of Passengers

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It is always a good idea to know how many people will be riding in the car or limo. Though it may appear that huge automobiles and limos have endless seats if passengers squish together, there are safety requirements that must be followed. Also, for everyone’s satisfaction, all passengers should be comfortable and have enough room to sit.

Are You Sure You Know Where You’re Going?

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Before hiring a limo driver, be sure you know where you’re going. Though there is some flexibility when hiring a car service or a limo, it is essential to plan your route ahead of time. You should be able to inform the driver where you want to be picked up and when you want to be picked up. Keep in consideration the time it takes to get all of your guests ready to go from one place to the next when planning.  

Request The Car You Require

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If there is a specific car you want, request it. Fast Wheels Limo and Trans is always delighted to help in any way we can. If you are a nonsmoker, select a nonsmoking vehicle and inquire about tobacco and alcohol policies when making bookings.

Enter And Exit Properly

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When you book with us, we want you to have the entire experience. Step and slide into the automobile rather than stepping into the car with your backside hanging out the door. Leave the limo in the same way you entered it: slide your legs out the door first, then step out.

Watch Out For The Driver

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When you engage a chauffeur for vehicle service, one of the things they do is open and close the car or limo door. You are our guests, and we want you to be treated as such. Also, if you have luggage, please let us load and unload it from the car. As previously stated, we want you to have the finest experience possible when traveling in a hired car or limo.

Don’t Forget To Tip The Driver

Couple tip for the taxi driver in cash
When you ride in a limo or use a car service, you should always tip the driver. When tipping a driver, you should generally tip 20% of the whole bill. However, before you tip, double-check that the tip was not added automatically. It is recommended to place your tip in an envelope and present it to the driver discreetly.

Afterward Cleanup

cleaning expensive and luxurious vehicle
Though we always clean our cars and limousines, it is best to clean up after yourself and your group after your ride. Take any trash, party favors, and personal belongings with you. Though we want you to have a good time when you ride with us, keep in mind that any additional messes that need to be cleaned up after you leave may result in an additional charge. This is because we take pleasure in providing clean and professional limo services to all of our clients.

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