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Halloween’s history, like any other holiday, is shaped by how society has changed from one generation to the next, and you can follow in the footsteps of your ancestors.

As this process continues, additions and changes make most of their new ideas less clear. It happens so slowly and over such a long period that we barely get to know about these changes.

When Was Halloween Originated?

Halloween costumes being chased by scary zombies on a graveyard.
Halloween is a unique holiday that is celebrated on the night of the 31st of October. Children often dress up in different and exciting costumes and go door-to-door, asking for candy or money.

Most of the Western world knows about it, but it is most common in the US, Puerto Rico, Ireland, the UK, Canada, and Australia. In the 19th century, Irish, Scots, and other refugees brought grown-up versions of the custom to North America.

Before Christian missionaries took over and gave it a Christian meaning, the holiday was a day of religious celebrations in different northern European pagan traditions. The Day of the Dead is a Mexico holiday held on November 1st and 2nd.

All Hallows Day was a pagan holiday for the Celts in Great Britain and Ireland. They celebrated the Day of the Dead (the 1st of November). The Celts wore masks to scare away evil spirits.

When the Romans came to Britain, they added their ritual, a celebration of the harvest and a way to honour the dead. Sometimes, the occult is linked to Halloween.

What is the Misconception About Halloween Day?

Pumpkin lanterns with a wooden pointer and a HAPPY HALLOWEEN greeting.
Many European cultural traditions say Halloween is one of the liminal times of the year when the spiritual world can connect with the physical world and magic works best.

One story says that on Halloween, the ghostly spirits of all the people who had died in the past year would look for living bodies to inhabit for the following year. The Celts thought that all the rules of space and time were broken during this time, so the dead could mix with the living.

The people still alive didn’t want to be haunted, of course. So, on the night of the 31st of October, the villagers would put out fires to make their homes cold and dangerous.

They would dress up in scary costumes and make as much noise as possible. They will parade around the neighbourhood to scare away ghosts looking for bodies to take over.

Some even hire limo service rides from Fastwheelslimo.com to ride over the roads late at night to scare people out.

How can you Celebrate Halloween in the Best Way?

Group of friends having fun at a party in a nightclub to celebrate Halloween festival.
No one knows where Halloween came from, but some say it began in Ireland, not America, as you might think. It is sometimes called All Hallows Eve or All Saints Eve. It is a holiday that takes place the night before All Hallows Day, on the 1st of November.

There are different stories about where it came from in history. Some say it was a pagan holiday started by the Celts, while others say it was a Christian holiday to remember the dead.

No matter what, it is now one of the most well-known events in the world, and it is celebrated in many ways, but nowhere more than in Asia.

Asian countries, like the Philippines, Hong Kong, and Singapore, celebrate by carving pumpkins. People in Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia also use pumpkins or easy-to-grab fruits like watermelons to celebrate.

In recent years, trick-or-treating has become popular among kids in Asia. Again, this is because western pop culture is so popular, and there are more and more international schools in the area.

Asian homes might not have Halloween decorations, but there are many decorations in shopping malls, bars, and restaurants. Many schools will have parties, and Asian adults will dress up at work. Bars and different restaurants will also have parties that go late into the night.

Here are some Halloween activities you can do in Asia which are:

1.     Buy some flowers and candles

Especially in the Philippines, this is a big tradition. Filipinos take the festival very seriously and often go back to their hometowns during this time to be with their families.

They will put flowers and candles in their homes to make them look nice. This is not just something that actually happens in the Philippines. This kind of Halloween decoration is also seen in Korea and China.

2.     Costume

East Asians like to dress up more than other Asians. Cosplay started in Japan and South Korea, and if you go there around Halloween, you will see a lot of different costumes.

Even in the strictest offices, people tend to wear scary masks or devil ears on the 31st of October. This is more traditional in the rest of Asia. In the evening, many bars will have parties and give prizes to the best-dressed people.

3.     Take a ghost tour

In Asia, this is becoming more and more popular. Every year, Singapore has a ghost walk. Most of the people who go are kids, but more and more adults will have a good time.

Other Asian cities have started offering scary tours for tourists and locals alike. Singapore’s Ghost Walk at the Woodlands Woodgrove is one of the best in Asia.

4.     Honor those who have died

Some Asian countries put a lot of stock in the traditional parts of Halloween. People who have died are remembered in China, Japan, and Vietnam.

And for that sake, lighting lanterns, making special foods, and holding memorial services are performed. Families often get together at this time to remember loved ones and say special prayers.

5.     Party!

Asians love to party, and all of the big cities in Asia will have special Halloween events at bars and clubs. Most are on the 31st of October, but some are on the weekend before or right after.

The parties will be wild, and there will be many people there. Some people who own bars think Halloween is a busier night than New Year’s Eve.

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a party to celebrate Halloween festival.
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