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Do you have any plans for a special night? Are you visiting a new place for a business or conference? Have you been drinking and need to go home safely? Don’t take the chance of using a ride-sharing service or waiting for a cab. Don’t pay exorbitant surcharges just to return home in a beat-up car that smells like smoke or worse. Consider using a town car service the next time you need a ride. Continue reading to learn about the top five reasons to consider town car service.


Experience the ultimate convenience with
Traditional cab service vehicles typically show significant wear and tear. The number of hard city miles wears on the engine and the interior. These taxis are frequently in disrepair, both inside and out. Ride-sharing services are a game of chance. While convenient, you never know how a vehicle is until you step inside. These firms have certain make and model standards, but the condition and care are up to the individual driver.

The mystique is removed by using a black car service.  Overland prioritizes the safety and comfort of our passengers.


a premium transportation service.
When you employ a town car service like Overland, you should expect clean, well-maintained executive sedans and luxury vehicles. Moreover, unlike cabs or ridesharing services, you will have a relaxing, stress-free ride to your special event, conference, or airport excursion.


Accessible and convenient ridesharing service for your transportation needs.
Every regular user of a standard cab or ridesharing service has at least one horror story about a bad driver. There are a lot of these types of drivers out there, and if you’re unlucky, you’ll end up in their car.

These drivers may be reckless or become disoriented. They can be too chatty and try to engage you in completely inappropriate discussions.  That is extremely inconvenient for a passenger.


Reliability and dependability concept .
Every city is unique and may have unique transportation difficulties. Cabs are quite easy to get in cities such as New York, Las Vegas, and Chicago. Other cities have subpar taxi services. They might be costly and have lengthy wait times. Cab services are almost non-existent in some cities, or don’t show up at all.

Fixed Fees

Planning a Business Trip Budget
Transportation expenditures can deplete any holiday or business trip budget. Traditional cabs can be unexpectedly pricey in many locations, and ride-share service prices swing from minute to minute depending on the time of day and surge pricing. In a corporate setting, consistent service pricing can assist any organization in successfully budgeting dependable travel for their personnel.

Fixed pricing in a leisure context can assist passengers in getting the most out of their vacation budgets without surprises.  Not to suggest that town car service is always less expensive than a cab or rideshare, but it can be.  And, maybe most crucially, there are no surprises.  When you use a competent town car service, you will get a lot of your money.

Rather than paying for unreliable and potentially risky service, consider using a town car service the next time you’re out of town or returning from the airport.

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